About us

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the sustainable lifestyle.

Our journey began once we started living together in a small apartment with a private backyard so managing such a small household seemed like a walk in the park back then.

Everything seemed just fine until at one point, we realized that there was a problem growing.

The problem with buying things that we later found out useless was increasing and affecting not only our budget. We were lacking room and could not feel comfy in our own home.

On the other hand, disposing of so much trash was not just some tedious chore, but rather a negative impact on the environment

This is when we started educating ourselves on the matter. We were constantly striving to find ways of reducing our waste footprint, we were determined to change our waste habits and turn them into sustainable ones.

In the end, we came up with the idea of creating a place where we can share our experience hoping to plant the idea in our readers’ minds.

Why space 2 sustain?

We believe that more and more people realize that the good health of Nature is in our hands. If we treat it well, Nature will treat us back the same way.

We created this space this space for us. We show you different successful and not so successful practices and answers to a lot of questions about living the eco-friendly way.

The articles we write are based on our experience and research. We sometimes discuss the subject with other people who share the same beliefs.

This is a space where you can find your own place in the sustainable living and where you can see what works best for you.

What we’d like from the reader?

The first and most important thing is a conscious choice that shouldn’t be forced by an external source.
If you choose to make changes to your life, do not do it because it is trendy or because others are doing it.

Actually, why not?

Do it for yourself. Do it for the others. Do it because it matters. Give an example with a positive approach.

Do not blame. Show the comfort of the changes that you have made yourself.

The planet does not need a handful of perfect zero waste oriented people but millions who imperfectly make the change.

Start today.