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How hard is really to recycle vinyl records

Having a turntable is not something outdated or related to our grandparents. Such an audio device is a must for homes where nice jazzy music would be much appreciated. 

What I like is searching in those tiny second-hand vinyl shops or backyard sales for the perfect vinyl record. This emotion is equal to falling in love.

There is that kind of a charming feeling when you finally buy a nice rare record with a colorful album cover which later finds a place in your collection.

This gives you more joy than just having an online playlist. It is like creating history.

But what if you are cleaning out your grandparents’ basement and discover a box with records? If you don’t need them, you will probably just want to get rid of them.

Let’s dig in more of what could be done with an old vinyl.

Can you recycle vinyl records

In general, yes, that is possible. The main issue is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) since it’s what vinyl records are made of. 

Besides cardboard sleeves which can go with the rest of your paper waste, recycling PVC is a tough job. It is a chock full of poisonous chlorine gas and heavy metals such as silver and nickel.  

It is extremely hazardous and hardly inflammable material. As you see, discarded vinyl records into landfill are not a good idea. 

This is why most manufacturers and municipalities don’t want to deal with it. However, if your vinyl is damaged and you want to get rid of it in an eco-friendly way, try calling your municipality and request information about any local companies that can do it for you.

Nevertheless, I have only found information about a recycling council based in British Columbia. Vinyl records are included under their provincial electronics recycling program. You can get in touch with them and they can find a drop-off depot in your area that accepts your records.

The first vinyl from recycled ocean plastic was released by the British singer Nick Mulvey. Each record is unique, being made up of random pieces of washed-up plastic found on the Cornish coast.

What else can you do

But what if you hit a wall finding a recycling center? You could still use them for other purposes. 

Sell them

You might don’t really know how valuable old records could be. Sometimes you get up to 100 dollars for a well-preserved old valuable record.

In addition, old records are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, there are more and more vinyl lovers like us who are always looking for more old records.

One thing is certain, you don’t have to dispose of the records in the trash. Instead, you can sell them or just donate them to the local library, for example.

Craft ideas

The vinyl records can be used as a different type of decoration which could be done even by yourself. This is known as record upcycling. It means that materials are not reused but converted into some cool, shiny ornament.

The Internet is full of hundreds of creative ideas. For example, you can make jewelry or bowls. But records, in our opinion, are even better as decoration on the wall. 

You can easily hang the old records on the wall with a frame around it which is always well received by visitors.

One of our craft projects was turning an old vinyl into a colorful wall clock:

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